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becoming & belonging

categories: performance space, landscape, public space
timeline: jan-mai 2021
location: Campo do Gerês, Portugal
project developed at AHO

        During my exchange program with AHO, on the studio Positions, we were proposed to design a space for meeting, co-exist, and Love, exploring our view on the meaning behind this word, along with other numerous concepts within and around it. Moreover, if the project “required” we were to place it in a real or fictional site to strengthen its character and conceptual argumentation.
        I started with exploring this tree-like structure as a threshold between the ground and the sky employing one of the essential and primordial elements of architecture - the roof.
This roof would suffice in the creation of a space distinct from everything it was surrounded by, while at the same time taking advantage of the nature-given architectural elements (rocks and vegetation), that could hinge the transition between more secret or more open spaces. Furthermore, the dwelling itself could be established with a simple camping mat and sleeping bag, with a tent or anything else that the user willed upon the circumstances of this space. Communal feelings would then arise naturally as people shared this place with nature, and nature with them. Having this in mind, I then selected a site that immediately came to my mind, for being in my heart. A place deeply infused with personal memories in northern Portugal -  Gerês.