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Originally from Porto, Braga has established a multidisciplinary artistic practice since his early stages of pre-academia. It all arises from a curiosity to understand himself in relation to the world, applying certain mediums of artistic expression that cross over and complement one another. With a greater focus on architecture, his projects in the fields of visual arts, tattoo, and music function as moons orbiting this main practice, hereby affecting its tides.

Currently based in Copenhagen working for ALL arkitekter, while simultaneously teaching drawing in the Nasjonalmuseet, Oslo - he is in his last year of a Master’s in the Porto’s School of Architecture developing an art-based research project about the phenomenological effect of architecture on mental well-being.


exhibitions and publications

2022 - Auction and exhibition of a painting, Porto
Donation of this work, alongside Siza Vieira, Francisco Aires Mateus, Eduardo Souto de Moura, and others

2020 - MA - Architecture magazine
Publication of 'nado, em memórias traço’ drawing

2020 - Espaço 399
Selection of drawings exhibited in an online format during the pandemic

2020 - Sabatina - Artist residency, Porto
'Creation and exhibition of the marble carving ‘a chuva cai nas formas sem conteúdo’

2019 - O Inconformado - Architecture zine
Publication of a drawing in a student zine

2019 - Auction and exhibition of three drawings, Porto
Donation of these works, alongside those of Norman Foster, Mário Bismarck, Alberto Campo Baeza, and others

2018 - Art exhibition at Forte Santo António da Barra, Lisbon
Invited to showcase a selection of drawings from 2016-2018