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benthik zone

exploring the hidden depths of being,
a catharsis of light through the shades of its absence

co-founder of an ongoing multidisciplinary project with Artur Leão


                                ‘εἴδωλον’ establishes a parallel between classical antiquity and contemporaneity by creating a poetic dialogue with various myths, and stories speaking about fabulous creatures, humans, and gods. It celebrates the beauty of metamorphosis and hybridism, which goes from the human being to the vegetal and animal life but carries the weight of that transition process and its consequences in the bodies of the ‘εἴδωλον’ characters. The latent Romanticism that goes together with the music is immense, within a context in which the subject's sexual impulses, of death and of closing inside the subject's self, take hold of the body and are skin-tight, being music the means through which it is possible to communicate the unconscious and bring to the surface all this inner rampaging.
            Towards the exoticism of the female body and the bliss granted by these enchanting and enigmatic characters, we welcome the detailed representations that explode into sensuality and promote a state of constant and involuntary ecstasy or narcosis. We cling to a perennial, pure, and living energy, to the beauty of enlightenment, and concurrently meet these elements with what is sick, frightening, and deceiving, a provocation that aims to penetrate the depths of our being and the rubble of a distant submerged past.

releases January 28, 2022

Recorded by Benthik Zone at Underwater Studios - 2019/2020
F. Braga: musical composition, back-vocals and mixing
A. Leão: vocals, lyrics and didgeridoo

Guest Musician
G. Correia: transverse flute, berimbau, hang pan, flute, mixing and mastering

eidolon’s merchandise artifacts designed by us, and produced by Onism Productions


2016 - 2019

musical composition & back-vocals, cover & logo illustration, design, concept & aesthetic,
production, promotion, distribution and management  

anthology’s merchandise artifacts designed and produced by us 

Omni Quantum Univers - ‘Infinite and Invisible’

concept album movie 
editing & directing




live set performer

bass  2019 - 

guitar  2017 - 2019